Blog of the month: Brian Hamill

Blog of the Month We are delighted to welcome Brian Hamill as this month’s blogger of the month. Brian, who will be familiar to many members as the submissions editor of thi wurd books, has started up a new community blog to allow writers to showcase their work. Read on. Works In Progress Community BlogContinue reading “Blog of the month: Brian Hamill”

Blog of the Month: Steve Smart

We are delighted to welcome Steve Smart to this month’s blogspot. Steve’s account of how and why he set up his blog was so fascinating – and I felt would speak to so many readers – that I have included a much longer excerpt from it than usual. I particularly warm to the idea of leavingContinue reading “Blog of the Month: Steve Smart”

Blog of the Month: Gordon Gibson

We are delighted to welcome Gordon Gibson to this month’s blogspot. Gordon writes: In 2010, because of physical disability, Gordon Gibson gave up his full-time occupation, and instead took to writing poetry and short fiction. In late 2018, he began a blog in order to showcase his published work and to discuss some of theContinue reading “Blog of the Month: Gordon Gibson”

Blog of the month: Tom Welsh

We are delighted to welcome new member Tom Welshto this month’s blogspot. Tom writes: ‘My siteCalmDownTom hosts news and updates on my short story writing, my fantasy trilogy “Metiks Fade”, and my day-to-day life as an author. I also post articles about the writing processand the publishing industry. I set up my blog over sevenContinue reading “Blog of the month: Tom Welsh”

Blog of the Month: Margaret Halliday

We are delighted to welcome Margaret Halliday to this month’s blogspot. Margaret writes: ‘I began my blog, A Traveller’s Tales, in July 2017, mainly to promote my books, two of which describe my travels in India, New Zealand and Scotland. Now I am disabled with MS so I also talk about the problems of travelling withContinue reading “Blog of the Month: Margaret Halliday”

Blog of the month: Caroline Johnstone

We are delighted to welcome Caroline Johnstoneto this month’s blogspot. Carolinewrites: Since 2005, I’ve given each year a theme. 2010 was the year of finding my voice. I joined Toastmasters and started to write more than letters, by starting a blog. I wrote one short piece that year! But after that, I began to shareContinue reading “Blog of the month: Caroline Johnstone”

Blog of the Month – November

We are delighted to welcome Comely Bank Publishing to our blog of the month feature. Gordon Lawrie, the founder and managing director of Comely Bank writes: ‘We’re a small self-publishing collective (most of our group are FWS members by the way) and there’s a Writers’ Diary section that anyone is welcome to submit to, orContinue reading “Blog of the Month – November”

Blog of the month – October

This months blog is from Sue Reid, author of two novels and a creative memoir. Sue writes: “I’m an author. My most recent title is Writing On The Road: Campervan Love and the Joy of Solitude, a work of non-fiction. I also wrote Mavis’s Shoe, a novel about the Clydebank Blitz during WW2, and itsContinue reading “Blog of the month – October”