Blog of the month: Caroline Johnstone

We are delighted to welcome Caroline Johnstoneto this month’s blogspot. Carolinewrites:

Since 2005, I’ve given each year a theme. 2010 was the year of finding my voice. I joined Toastmasters and started to write more than letters, by starting a blog. I wrote one short piece that year!

But after that, I began to share more of what inspired me, and what I was beginning to teach and coach – that we need to dare to be happier.

Apart from one poem in 2009, I had forgotten how much writing made ME happier, so in 2015, I decided I would write a poem a day.

I think I lasted till mid February! I (I subsequently deleted them as I hadn’t realised this counted as “published.”)

Then last Christmas, my friend gave me a 365 journal, challenging me to write a poem a day – and to make sure I felt good about that. No perfectionism, no need for war and peace; just a poem, a response to that day (events or what was in my head).

It’s been fun. I hope you enjoy some of what I’ve written – and wouldn’t it be fun to write something as an answer/challenge to what I’ve written?! 

They start here 🙂

Why not visit Caroline’s blog and take up her challenge? Or challenge yourself in the same way?



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