New FWS Patron Christine de Luca

We are delighted to announce that Christine de Luca, the wonderful Shetlandic poet and the current Edinburgh Makar, has agreed to be a new patron of the Federation which she considers to be a very valuable organisation. You can read more about here here where you can read one of her poems and some very interesting  pointsContinue reading “New FWS Patron Christine de Luca”

PATRONS POEMS – The art of fishing by Magi Gibson

The art of fishing   Some folk fish mid-stream, standing in the middle of the flow, whirring long lines out to scrawl and loop against the sky.   Others paddle off in battered boats, cast crusts of hope to lure the shadows from the depths – or congregate and solemnly compare   their rods andContinue reading “PATRONS POEMS – The art of fishing by Magi Gibson”

Patrons’ Poems – In Hospital by Tom Leonard

in hospital   I like seeing nurse frieda knitting as I like watching my wife knitting as I liked watching my mother knitting though she was more of a dabber (plain and purl, plain and purl) it’s not “women being in their place” or knitting the chains that keep them down just the future, knittingContinue reading “Patrons’ Poems – In Hospital by Tom Leonard”