New FWS Patron Christine de Luca

We are delighted to announce that Christine de Luca, the wonderful Shetlandic poet and the current Edinburgh Makar, has agreed to be a new patron of the Federation which she considers to be a very valuable organisation. You can read more about here here where you can read one of her poems and some very interesting  points about the role of poetry in the life of a city.

PATRONS POEMS – The art of fishing by Magi Gibson

The art of fishing


Some folk fish mid-stream, standing

in the middle of the flow, whirring long lines out

to scrawl and loop against the sky.


Others paddle off in battered boats, cast crusts

of hope to lure the shadows from the depths – or

congregate and solemnly compare


their rods and reels, boast of ones that got away,

then row home empty-handed.

But me? I lie alone, low in the shade, silent


as the rock, my body rooted as a mountain ash.

Long hours I listen to the grass

play chinese whispers with the breeze.


When darkness wraps around me like a shawl

I stare into the midnight pool, eyes candle-bright,

until a slash of silver swims towards my light,


I gauge the moment’s right, plunge

my hands into the numbing depths, haul

the living poem to the page.


Magi Gibson

First published in Cencrastus, 2000

Patrons’ Poems – In Hospital by Tom Leonard

in hospital


I like seeing nurse frieda knitting

as I like watching my wife knitting

as I liked watching my mother knitting

though she was more of a dabber

(plain and purl, plain and purl)

it’s not

“women being in their place”

or knitting the chains that keep them down


the future, knitting the future

the present peaceful, quiet

as if

the same woman knitting

for a thousand years


     Tom  Leonard