Arbroath Anthology Archive

Below is the list of all the writers whose work has appeared on the Arbroath anthology page.

If you click on a name the link will take you to their work.

Writers who exercised their right of reply to a piece they chose from the anthology

Anne B Murray who has constructed a patchwork poem from some of the contributions

Kevin Rowswell responding to Peter Donnelly

Jock Stein responding to Francis Mitchell

Ann Rawson responding to Francis Mitchell

Kate Gordon responding to Damaris West

Kevin Crowe responding to Anne B Murray

Jock Stein responding to George Colkitto

Sharon Collins responding to Janet Crawford

Kevin Rowswell responding to Jane Lamb

Writers appearing in To Whom It May Concern the FWS anthology to mark the 700th Anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath

Finola Scott

Charlie Gracie

Martin Stepek

Rose Ann Fraser Ritchie

Ann Rawson

Lynn Valentine

Peter Donnelly

Etta Dunn

Ann MacKinnon

Caroline Johnstone

J L Hall

Anne Connolly

Kate Gordon

Eve Evans

Jen Hughes

Francis Mitchell


Michaela Burns

Sarah Jessen

Anne B Murray

Ross McWhinnie

Beth McDonough

Ruth Aylett

Stephen Barnaby

Alun Robert

Jeff Kemp

Rona Fitzgerald

Seth Crook

Marcas Mac an Tuairneir

David Betteridge

Stephen Watt

Jenifer Harley

George Colkitto

Kieron P Baird

Peter Russell

Janet Crawford

Elaine Webster

Morag Anderson

Rhona McAdam

Jane Lamb

Marie-Therese Taylor

Gayle Smith

Mora Maclean

Su Brown

Fran Baillie

Damaris West

Derek Crook