At my writing desk: Mo MacQuarrie

We are delighted to welcome Mo MacQuarrie to our occasion feature ‘At My Writing Desk’. Mo lives on the Isle of Skye and we at the FWS are always conscious of the difficulties of our more remote members in keeping in touch with the writing community. As Mo’s inspiring piece shows, you don’t have toContinue reading “At my writing desk: Mo MacQuarrie”

At My Writing Desk – J S McGowan

We are delighted to welcome J S McGowan to our At My Writing Desk feature. I think many of us will identify with his reflections on different settings in which to write in the piece below though perhaps not so many of us have a stunning view from our windows as we write (mine takesContinue reading “At My Writing Desk – J S McGowan”

At My Writing Desk – Babs Stevenson (21/10/2015)

A. C. Clarke writes: We are delighted to welcome to this slot Babs Stevenson, who lives in the Orkneys. Babs writes: ‘Hi, I’m Babs and I’m a writer living in Orkney. There is something inspirational about the islands, never far from the sea, clear skies and surrounded by thousands of years of history. I feelContinue reading “At My Writing Desk – Babs Stevenson (21/10/2015)”