Deadline change for FWS Vernal Equinox competition

Owing to the unprecedented situation created by Covid-19 the deadline for the competition has now been extended until 30 April. Successful entrants will now be notified by 3 July and the award ceremony on 20 June has been cancelled, though not of course the awards themselves. Please do think about putting in an entry ifContinue reading “Deadline change for FWS Vernal Equinox competition”

Vernal Equinox Competition Results

Results of FWS Vernal Equinox Competition 2019 Flash fiction Gaelic Short Story Poetry Flash Fiction Category Overview by Flash Fiction Judge Gordon Lawrie As the editor of a flash fiction website, I see many different submissions from around the world – many thousands over the last five or six years – and their quality variesContinue reading “Vernal Equinox Competition Results”

Tagraidhean gan sireadh son co-fharpais na Gàidhlig aig Co-nasgadh nan Sgrìobhaichean (Alba)

Roinn na Gàidhlig airson Co-fharpais Grian-stad an Earraich 2019 aig Co-nasgadh Sgrìobhaichean na h-Alba 1mh duais £100, 2na duais £25, 3s duais £10 ’S ann airson bàrdachd no grad-fhicsean (flash fiction) ann an Gàidhlig a tha an co-fharpais seo. Thathar fosgailte do thagraichean sam bith: chan fheumar a bhith na bhall de Cho-nasgadh nan SgrìobhaicheanContinue reading “Tagraidhean gan sireadh son co-fharpais na Gàidhlig aig Co-nasgadh nan Sgrìobhaichean (Alba)”