About Us

Bringing Writers Together

The Federation aims to support writers by making the whole process much easier to negotiate, from starting to write to publication. We can help you to find a writing group in your area, tell you where you can perform (if that is your wish) and help with the process of getting published.

We recognise that writing groups can be quite isolated, and aim to offer them opportunities to meet by mounting seminars and workshops on key themes. The Federation provides a place for writers to sell collections and anthologies at our events, when appropriate.

We aim to:

Organise performance events

Develop a rolling calendar of writing events

Maintain a directory of writing groups

Issue a regular newsletter

Support people in the development of their writing

Who Are We ?

There are a number of individuals who work tirelessly to support and develop the work of the FWS, both as Board Members ( or more correctly Charity Trustees ) and a range of others who work to forward the aims of the FWS, including in supporting the creation of publications, in acting as selectors and advisors, editing and proof reading, ambassadors and patrons of the organisation. We are very grateful for their input.

FWS Board/ Trustees 2021-2022

Chair: Sue Burnside
Vice Chair: Marcas Mac an Tuairneir
Secretary: Howard Singerman
Treasurer: Mark Wightman

Office Holders and Trustees:
Events Co-ordinator: Vacant
Events Support: Janet Crawford
Events Support: Lesley Traynor
Membership Secretary: Marie-Therese Taylor
Publicity /social media coordination : Marcas Mac an Tuairneir (Facebook), Sue Burnside(Website), AC Clarke ( Newsmail)

Education Convenor: Ailie Hunter
Assistant Education Convenor (with responsibility for encouraging young writers) : Lesley Traynor
Gaelic Co-ordinator (with responsibility for developing and encouraging the
work of Gaelic writers in prose and poetry with special remit for young people) : Marcas Mac an Tuairneir


Katharine Macfarlane, Ann MacKinnon, Andrew Hunter

New Voices Press:

Anthology Lead – Janet Crawford

Anthology Admin – Sue Burnside

Anthology Publish/Distribution – Jenifer Harley

Anthology Editor – Laura Fyfe

English Prose – Emma Mooney

English Poetry – Neil Leadbeater

Scots Poetry – Sheila Templeton

Ambassadors :

Etta Dunn

Marc Sherland

Anne Connolly

Jenifer Harley

The Federation of Writers (Scotland) patrons:

Carol Ann Duffy

Liz Lochhead

Magi Gibson

Christine de Luca

Dave Anderson

Carl MacDougall

Donny O’Rourke

Janet Paisley

Rosemary Ward

Bashabi Fraser

Zoe Strachan

More about us

Our finances https://federationofwritersscotland.com/fws-finances-february-2021/