New Voices Press

New Voices Press is the chief imprint and publishing arm of the Federation of Writers (Scotland). We publish selected poetry and prose (by FWS members only) as anthologies and solo collections in the form of pamphlets, chapbooks and full-length books. We seek to bring as many authors as possible into print, but all works are subject to rigorous selection on merit. A full document of the New Voices Press publication policy and guidelines for submissions may be obtained from the email addresses below.

NVP Books

NVP publishes about 4 titles a year, including at least one general anthology open to submissions from all FWS members and an invited collection by the incumbent FWS Makar. Other publications by invitation only. Please do not send unsolicited submissions. Currently available titles are given in the Publications section.

Requests for purchases of NVP books and related commercial enquiries may be sent to: Etta Dunn


Submissions are invited from FWS members at any time for the next available anthology. Poems, stories and other literary compositions or graphics should be submitted according to the layout, size and number indicated in submitted according to the layout, size and number indicated in our guide for submissions below.

When ready, submissions should be sent via email to Anne Connolly: in Word compatible documents.

Note: members are strongly advised not to submit material until they have read the guidelines for submissions. NVP cannot offer editorial advice in advance of selection or accept submissions which do not meet the selection criteria.


Editorial Team

Welcome to the new editorial team, who jointly undertake the selection of works and publication decisions:

Nuala Watt: Poetry editor

Rona Fitzgerald: Poetry Editor

Finola Scott: Prose Editor

Rowdy Scott: Prose Editor

Anne Connolly: Liaison Officer

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