Blog of the Month: Steve Smart

We are delighted to welcome Steve Smart to this month’s blogspot. Steve’s account of how and why he set up his blog was so fascinating – and I felt would speak to so many readers – that I have included a much longer excerpt from it than usual. I particularly warm to the idea of leaving a trail of ‘digital breadcrumbs’ for retracing ones steps!

Steve Smart – about the blog: ‘Subjects, objects, verbs’ at

I’ve always made things, different kinds of things: images, sculptures, videos, software. About six years ago, having dabbled for years, I began to try to write poetry more seriously. Writing is part of the same journey, a work in progress. It would be grand to say that this compulsion had a specific purpose, but I don’t think that would be honest. I’m not possessed of a mission, or of specific goals that I know of. However, along with other technologies, blogging has provided an encouraging place to develop some field notes en route.

Recently I picked up Bruce Chatwin’s The Songlines for the first time in 30 years. There is something about Chatwin’s explorations around aboriginal culture, about what it means to move through, and to sing the story of the line travelled, that resonates deeply.

I hope the blog can echo the songline of part of my creative journey.  My hope is that visitors find my posts by turn entertaining, a pleasure, a sadness, or a smile, thought provoking, and often slightly offbeat. My aspirations remain modest. To have been a good companion would be more than enough.

Lastly, I do have some odd and quite specific memory issues – something of a bind for a would-be poet(!) Perhaps ‘Subjects, objects, verbs’ will also be a conduit, an unpredictable vacuum tube network (I do like these) for piping memos through to ‘future me’. Looked at from another perspective, if I end up stravaiging cross-country over an uncertain past, I hope that leaving a few digital breadcrumbs might one day help me find my way back.

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