Blog of the Month: Margaret Halliday

We are delighted to welcome Margaret Halliday to this month’s blogspot.

Margaret writes:

‘I began my blog, A Traveller’s Tales, in July 2017, mainly to promote my books, two of which describe my travels in India, New Zealand and Scotland. Now I am disabled with MS so I also talk about the problems of travelling with walking difficulties. I sometimes write articles, for example about my writing, travelling and living with MS, which was published in the online magazine, Disability Horizons. Another post, Top Ten Tips for Travelling with MS,was published on The Bimblers travel blog. I encourage other bloggers to guest blog on my site and Karen Howells wrote about her return to Budapest, many years after she had visited me there, when I was teaching at the British Council. I write about local trips too and at present am giving previews of my  novel, The Belly Dancer, set in Turkey.’

You can read Margaret’s blog at https//  Her novel has just been published

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