Blog of the month: Brian Hamill

Blog of the Month We are delighted to welcome Brian Hamill as this month’s blogger of the month. Brian, who will be familiar to many members as the submissions editor of thi wurd books, has started up a new community blog to allow writers to showcase their work. Read on.

Works In Progress Community Blog /// Fiction and Essays

The Common Breath is a new publishing imprint based in Glasgow, and managed by Brian Hamill. The original intention for the website was to be an online repository of Brian’s own writing, fiction and non-fiction, published and unpublished, but after several years of bringing the writing of others to print through his previous position as Submissions Editor for thi wurd books, Brian wished to continue this work. Therefore, the Works In Progress literary community blog was created as part of

Inspired by the 1999 release of a Tim Buckley album of the same title which contains some of the singer’s different takes and experiments in studio in 1968/69, the Works In Progress blog is a place for writers to have their work published online in a matter of days if accepted, and where they have the ability to submit new drafts and update their work, or remove it after a period. There are no limits on length, style, content, etc. There will be print publication opportunities in the very near future also. All FWS members are invited to read the blog content and to submit their work. Please follow @thecommonbreath to make contact.

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