Featured writer: Eileen Farrelly

We are delighted to welcome Eileen Farrelly as this month’s Featured Writer and Committee Member. Eileen has only just joined the committee, as she explains below, but she is full of enthusiasm and, as you can see from the poem below, a compelling and talented poet.

Eileen writes of her membership of the FWS Committee ‘Although I have been a member of the FWS for several years I have only recently joined the committee. As a new member I see myself as currently serving a sort of apprenticeship and hope that as I develop a greater understanding of the Federation’s work, I will find the best ways to use my skills. As a member I have enjoyed many excellent workshops and events organised by the FWS and was delighted to have one my poems included in the Landfall Anthology. Such events are a great way for newer writers find their way into the world of writing, performing and publication. I am particularly keen to get involved with helping at these events to give others the chance to benefit from them as I have done.’

She writes of herself  ‘I have written poetry off and on for most of my life but in recent years have been working more consciously at developing my craft and submitting work for publication. Most recently my poems have appeared in The Gladrag issue 7, Product and Marble Issue 5. My subject matter varies widely but I am often inspired by the ordinary things that trigger long forgotten memories.  I am also a singer/songwriter and can be found singing and playing in various pubs around Glasgow.

I have selected this poem as I feel it is one that writers can relate to – as a writer we often reveal ourselves on the page in ways that can be unsettling not just for the writer but also, sometimes for the reader.’


I try not to see you
between the sheets
of crisp white paper
pressed and bound
to please the casual reader

Try not to overhear
whispered secrets
as the ink spreads
like a Rorschach blot
across the centrefold

Or give names to the players
the walk-ons,
the shadowy muse,
that hovers in the margins
and in the gutter.

(First published in The Gladrag, Issue 7, August 2019)

©  Eileen Farrelly 2019

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