2019 Successful launch of High Tide FWS

The FWS 2019 Anthology ‘High Tide’ was successfully launched at the Scottish Poetry Library in Edinburgh on 2 November 2019.

There were 21 readers, including some of the winners of the the FWS Vernal Equinox competition: Stephen Watt, Emma Baker, Derek Brown, Montague Chambers, Jane Lamb, Steve May, Sheila Millar, Deborah Moffat, Sue Proudlove, Leela Soma, Elaine Webster, Andy Allan, Paula Nicholson, Jo Gilbert, David Betteridge, Bert Thomson, Sharon Boyle, Mary Wigh, Anne MacKinnon, David McVey and Greg Michael-son

Our thanks to the Scottish Poetry Library for their super hospitality,  to the the anthology leader, Anne Connolly and her team; to Janet Crawford for co-ordinating submissions and live streaming the readings on Facebook, and also to Vincent Maguire for welcoming everyone to the event.

Thanks to Charlie Gracie and Catherine Hokin for prose selections. Neil Leadbeater and Sheila Templeton for English and Scots poetry selection, Jenifer Harley for production and distribution. Special thanks to Curriesprint, Broxburn, West Lothian who stepped in when our original printer let us down to produce the book on time with its beautiful cover from artwork designed by Loretta Serene Dunn.

Finally our thanks to Marjorie Lotfi Gill who really summed up what FWS are trying to achieve with the annual anthology: ‘These poems and stories renew our belief in the magic of the everyday …a child’s star brought down from the heavens in a public square, or the art in a car garage… There are so many glittering stars to choose from in High Tide. It’s a collection of work we’ll all return to again and again.’

Copies are available via the order form on our website. Cost £10 each plus £2 p&p for up to 2 copies, £2.50 for 3 copies and £3 for 4 – 8 copies.”

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