Read the work of the Vernal Equinox Competition winners!

Here are the winners of the 2020 FWS Vernal Equinox Competition. The work of those who gave approval for their work to be published here can be read by clicking on the title.


1st  Roger Elkin                                 Remembering Vukovar

2nd Stephen Keeler                         Snow Moon

3rd   Mark Vernon Thomas           With the accent on Place

Highly Commended 

Anthony Watts                                     Quantock Revisited


Jilly O’Brien                                           During the quietness

Peter Russell                                         Wheeler


 1st   Donald Adamson                       The Sun Athort the Lift

2nd Fran Baillie                                 Coast Lines

3rd    Lynn Valentine                           Munlochy

Highly Commended 

Lesley Benzie                                     Iraqi Quine wi a Big Reid Case

Don J Taylor                                         The Great Michael


Craig Aitchison                                     The A-Team

Jo Gilbert                                               Tarlair

Jilly O’Brien                                         Topplin the Mannie


1st   Seonaidh Adams                        an crogan

2nd Eòghan Stiùbhart                       Peallag

3rd   Niall O’Gallagher                     Caisearbhan

Highly Commended

Robbie MacLeòid                                  Seòlaid

Short Stories

 1st  Rachel Carmichael                     God’s Amazing Grace

2nd    Kirsten MacQuarrie                 The Wordsworth Women

3rd    Shirley Gillan                             A Loop of Faith


David McVey                                       The Invasion of the Library

Vincent Maguire                                 Mick McGrory says

Don J Taylor                                         The Gift

Flash Fiction

1st   Ruth Gilchrist                             Nereid

2nd Mary Edward                             As Good As New

3rd   Wendy Jones                             Sod Off Hilary

Highly Commended

Alan Kennedy                                       On Active Duty


Daniel Murphy                                   Skiffing Stones with Granda

E.E. Rhodes                                 Sepia Moon



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