Arbroath anthology

I had no idea what to expect when I looked at the submissions – all with pseudonyms so identities were concealed. I was delighted by the diversity of petitioners. A great deal of wit was on display, but many heartfelt and poignant pieces too. I greatly enjoyed reading them, and I hope you do too. Thanks to all who sent submissions. Don’t forget if you are a FWS member you have a right of reply – see below.

The eleventh up is Elaine Webster, with a wonderfully witty and clever plea to the hapless Martians to beware of humans bearing gifts (to paraphrase Virgil), which uses the lightest of touches to make profound observations on our species’ propensity for destructiveness, especially of colonised nations, and ends with inviting the Martians to a party!

Elaine says of herself ‘Elaine, originally from Aberdeen, worked in educational and outreach roles before retiring. She writes in Scots and English.

She heard a news item celebrating commercial interest in Mars. The damage done to communities in the past spurred her on to warn Martians and offer a hand of support, friendship and humour.’

You can read Elaine’s piece at:

I’m delighted too to be able to bring you contributions from our current Makar Finola Scott and our current Scriever Charlie Gracie. These will remain accessible on the web-site until all the posts from contributors have been displayed and will of course appear also in the printed version of the anthology.

You can read Finola’s rousing call to all ‘Braw Lassies’, originally written for a Stellar Quines project, at

You can read Charlie’s letter to Mother Earth, a masterly deployment of Swiftian irony (think ‘A Modest Proposal’) at

Any comments on any of the pieces published should be sent direct to me at Don’t forget if you are a Federation member not already accepted for the Arbroath anthology you can write a response to the poems posted. Email me at the above address for details.

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