Blog of the month: Tom Welsh

We are delighted to welcome new member Tom Welshto this month’s blogspot. Tom writes: ‘My siteCalmDownTom hosts news and updates on my short story writing, my fantasy trilogy “Metiks Fade”, and my day-to-day life as an author. I also post articles about the writing processand the publishing industry.

I set up my blog over seven years ago. At first it hosted my writing on videogames, but when I decided to try my hand at fiction writing, I redesigned it. I host the blog myself, and it is built on WordPress and a theme I purchased. I chose a theme which was suitable for author promotion and engaging with the writers’ community and my fans. I keep the blog updated with content as often as I can, combining original writing with community contributions, including great photos of my book taken by my fans that I find on social media like Instagram.

You can read Tom’s blog at

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