Successful submissions for FWS 2017 Anthology

Here are the names of those whose work was accepted for the FWS 2017 Anthology.

Short story submitters.  (13)

Catherine Simpson

Dale McMullen

David Downing

David Kilby

Ian Burdon

Jenifer Harley

Kriss Nicol

Lesley Traynor

Margaret Halliday

Mary Nixon

Norma-Ann Coleman

Tabatha Stirling

Vincent Maguire

Poetry submitters       (31)

A.C. Clarke

Arielle Dale Karro

Beth McDonagh

Cara McKee

Carol McKay

Caroline Johnstone

Christopher Officer

David Betteridge

David McVey

Eileen Farrelly

Gary McKenzie

Ginny Henson

Greg Michaelson

Greta Yorke

Hamish Scott

Jacqueline Thompson

James P. Spence

Karen Hodgson Pryce

Kay Ritchie

Kirsty A. Niven

Laura T. Fyfe

Lesley Traynor

Lynn Valentine

Maryanne Hartness

Meg Gannon

Norma-Anne Coleman

Peter Russell

Ruth Gilchrist

Seth Crook

Tony Crowther

Vincent Maguire

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