A Patchwork Poem for National Poetry Day

Contribute to the FWS Patchwork Poem!

To mark National Poetry Day 2017 (celebrated on Thursday 28th September), the Federation of Writers Scotland would like to invite members to contribute to a ‘Patchwork Poem’ on this year’s NPD theme of ‘Freedom’. A Patchwork Poem or Cento is assembled from fragments of poetry, and we’re asking Federation members to supply the fragments for our 2017 Makar Andy Jackson to edit into a poem. Members can supply single lines, short poems or extracts from whole poems on the theme of Freedom, and Andy will select pertinent lines from submitted work and arrange them into a coherent new poem. The resulting poem will be published on the Federation website on National Poetry Day.
  • The project welcomes contributions from FWS members. If you aren’t yet a member you are welcome to join!
  • Single lines, poetry fragments or whole poems should be sent to the Makar at azjackson65@gmail.com no later than September 1st.
  • Submissions can be new work or previously published.
  • While we would endeavour to use work from as many writers as possible it may not be possible to include submissions from everybody. All members whose lines are selected will be credited on the site.
  • The Patchwork poem will be published on the Federation website on NPD 28th September.

To give you some idea what the results might look like, see here for a 2011 Patchwork poem and here for a 2010 example (note that the FWS was not involved in these).

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