Featured Writer: Alun Robert

We are delighted to welcome Alun Robert as a Featured Writer. If you follow the monthly list of successes in the newsmail you cannot fail to notice that Alun regularly features there. There hasn’t been a single month for quite some time when he has not had a poem published or placed in a competition – this month is no exception – a most impressive consistency and a shining example of the rewards of sending work out regularly. He is also a contributor to this year’s anthology (see attached list). Alun has chosen to write a poem specially for the newsmail and his ingenious poem in the shape of a (Scottish) pine-tree is both clever and poignant in its link of the poet’s life to the tree’s. His biography follows his poem.

FWS In Dialogue With Pinus Sylvestris Format Rerevised

© Alun Robert 2019

Biography A Scot of Irish ancestry, Alun Robert is a prolific creator of lyrical free verse mainly in English but occasionally in the Doric. He has achieved success in poetry competitions across UK and Canada including Highly Commended in the FWS Vernal Equinox 2018. His work has been published in British, Irish and American literary magazines, anthologies and zines. Of late, he has been a regular contributor to Ekphrastic Review, Nine Muses, Words for the Wild and Visual Verse. Recently, his poetry featured in the Limerick Soviet Centenary, James Watt Bicentenary, Exhausting A Place In Leicester and the impending New Voices anthologies.

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