Featured writer/writing group

We are delighted to welcome the Moving On Project as our Featured Writing Group and Fiona Buzza as our Featured Writer.The group, which is closed for the moment, has been run by Caroline Johnstone, whose blog was blog of the month in the April issue of the newsmail. The Moving On project is so worthwhile that we have waived the usual requirements for a Featured Writing Group spot, i.e. that it should still be current and the featured writer if possible a member of the FWS as well as the group. Caroline gives the background to the group and a brief biog. of Fiona, our Featured Writer, below. Fiona’spoem ‘Paper Dreams’, her poem below, is the first she ever wroteand amply confirms Caroline’s comment that Fiona has‘a unique voice and stories to share’.

Moving On Project

‘The Moving On Project is based in Kilmarnock Station Community Villageand was launched in October 2017.  The aim of the project is to support individuals dealing with social isolation including those affected by addiction, bereavement, loneliness, and mental health issues.They do this by providing different activities, training, peer mentoring and volunteer opportunities which supports people to reintegrate and be a part of their communities again.

This leads to reduced isolation and an increase in people’s confidence in their ability to cope with everyday challenges and stresses. There were already a substantial amount of community groups using the rooms at the station, so links were established and these also helped identify new referral pathways.

The partnerships created have helped develop a good understanding of what others are doing locally and then complement already existing activity in the area.  Good working relationships with partner agencies mean they and their clients through the project.  Examples of this are the Criminal Justice women’s group, the Community Mental Health Team and their recovery and wellness programme and the Community Connectors.

The Moving on Project has been successful in empowering people, motivating them and giving them the confidence to make positive changes in their lives, enabling most of them to move forward and reconnect with their communities.

In 2018, they started a creative writing workshop and a separate poetry workshopbecause storytelling is such a big part of the life of individuals and communities. Fiona came along to the first night of the beginners  poetry group – and kept returning, realising she had a unique voice and stories to share. Paper Dreams was her first ever poem and she is starting to develop her writing voice. The workshop has closed (temporarily we hope) due to lack of numbers but it’s hoped it can be restarted in the autumn.’

© Caroline Johnstone 2018

 Fiona Buzza’s poem

 Paper Dreams


Tearing, ripping, raging
Balls of scrunched up anger
Flung away like the Paper Flag,
Fragmented in the storm, like her dreams
Rustling about in her head…
Now all that’s left
Are her fading memories


Beginning of a New Year
Hopes and Dreams refreshed.

Beginning of Spring
Enjoying flowers of the season.

Beginning of Summer
Basking in the sunshine on a pristine beach

Beginning of Autumn
Rustling through the golden tinged leaves

Beginning of Winter
Thinking of Christmas and all it entails

Beginning of the End of the Year
What’s been achieved of those Hopes and Dreams?


© Fiona Buzza  2018

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