The glitter of Tinsel Tales!

On the afternoon of the 21st December 2017 Federation members gathered at the Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow for Tinsel Tales, the FWS annual pre-Christmas readings. Introducing the readings – which were many and diverse – were Gayle Smith, Marie-Therese Taylor and Rose Ann Fraser Ritchie.

Attendees – including no less than nine former Makers (see attached pic!) – also witnessed Anne Connolly’s MC-ing of the handover from Andy Jackson, Makar of 2017, to Marjorie Lotfi Gill, Makar of 2018.  The event culminated with a powerful reading from the long poem ‘Pilgrim’ by Marjorie Lotfi Gill, around the journey of her father from Iran to the US. Her theme of Belonging is one for members in 2018 and is likely to feature in her Makar programme for the coming year.

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