Horse Power at Heriot-Watt

davThe FWS pamphlet Horse Power, a celebration of James Watt on the 200th anniversary of his death, came to Heriot-Watt University on September 26th. HWU is partly named after the great engineering innovator, and three FWS members, two of them HWU members of staff, were invited to read from Horse Power to a large audience at the annual Stake-holders meeting.

Patrick Cottrell introduced the pamphlet and the two Horse Power readings already carried out, one at the Edgebaston church where Watt is buried and the other on Glasgow Green, where he is reputed to have had his central insight about improving stem engines.

Jenifer Harley, the FWS convenor, read her piece In Your Name, followed by Ruth Aylett, who read hers, Full Steam Ahead.  There was a FWS stall, pictured above, and a very positive reception.


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