Featured Writer – David Munro

We are delighted to welcome David Munro as our featured writer. As reported in the last issue of the newsmail David has recently signed a 3 book deal with KGHH Publishing, Dundee. The excerpt below is from the first book Awakening and opens up a scenario with intriguing possibilities.

 David Munro was born in Edinburgh and lived there until the age of 27. He was employed by a major brewery within the capital and relocated to Aberdeen, then Glasgow. David attended university and college to attain chartered status in an arts discipline. As an arts professional and with experience of different cultures, this lends itself to creative literature.

David’s love of history allows him the opportunity to delve into past cultures and prominent events. His latest book, Awakening, has a First World War theme, telling the story of romance and heartache. However, as well as being set in 1914, it follows a time traveller’s journey from 1967 to 2014, where he also experiences contrasting emotions.

As a writer, David’s ambition is to give his readers enjoyment through interesting stories with compelling characters. Awakening has one male and two female characters that readers will embrace. To achieve recognition for his novel in the form of a best-seller is a goal.

June 1914   Extract from Awakening

Edward drove along the country road where he’d recently encountered a delightful young lady. Would their paths cross again? Then, he spotted her and brought the vehicle to an abrupt halt. “I’ve learned to drive in a careful manner.”

“Thank you. It’ll save me having to wash another dress!”

Edward laughed. “Get in; I’ll give you a lift.” He leaned over, and opened the passenger door.

“I’m not sure, kind sir. My older brother spotted me with you.”

“Explain to him that I’m a friend.”

“And, a married one!”

“I’m also a gentleman.”

The young lady gave a faint smile, and got in.

“What type of work is it you do?” Edward asked as they drove off.

“I’m a maid to one of the families in Dochar.”

“For how long?”

“Nine years. I started when I was twelve.”

Edward glanced at his beautiful young passenger.

“My family is not privileged as your family, sir. At the same age, my two brothers went to work on a farm. What about you, may I ask?”

“After school, I went to an academy and then onto university.”

“In Glasgow?”

“Yes, old Glasgow town, then I joined the army. It’s a family tradition, which stretches way back to fighting Napoleon.”

He’s younger than I thought.

Edward drove on to Ardrishaig, and a short time later, came to a halt. The young lady opened her door, and stepped out.

“What is your name?”


“It’s been a pleasure, Ann. Oh, and do tell your brother not to worry.”

Ann gave a forced smile.

As Edward drove away, Ann hurried down the lane to her parents’ cottage. After looking around, she walked slowly up the garden path. On entering the front door, Ann removed her hat, and shacked out her long dark hair.

“I saw you.” Her older brother, a tall well-built man, greeted her.

Ann jumped.

“He’s a married man, Ann.” He continued with a stern glare.

“Oh, Roy. It was only a lift.”

“That’s twice. Father and mother would not approve.”

“I don’t want to discuss the matter.”

Roy scowled at his sister.

Ann hurried past him, went into her room, and shut the door. She took a couple of deep breaths, and then smiled as she threw her hat onto the bed.

© David Munro 2017 

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